Artist Statement

Capturing Souls on Canvas

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I am an abstract expressionist painter.  I create bold, large scale artworks capturing the kinetic energy of my subjects. Painting in mixed media, primarily acrylics, my artwork is about a spirit world where the creatures reveal their unique experiences and souls through an organic process. Their moments imagined on the canvas in often vibrant colours and textures.

My work as an emerging artist shares experiences from my 30 years of hand drawing and concept design. I am an architect, musician and singer songwriter. Being a multi-disciplinary artist, I draw from my songs, lyrics, music, and my love of old record art.   I enjoy sharing insights into my Art practice on Instagram where you can follow my artwork progression and inspiration. 

Born in Tasmania in the 60’s and my pathway to my personal art practice has come from an inherent sense of loss and grief from my birth and upbringing.  It becomes a central theme running through my subconscious and my lifelong search for identity.  My experiences through my adopted family life and unreconciled search and loss has shaped me immeasurably.  

I spent my formative teenage years in California by the American River in one of the first Rudolph Steiner Schools in the 1970s - the energy and spirit of this America, a strong memory for me. Hidden in the stars in the vivid desert skies were the mystical creatures of my childhood. I was taught to trace the dots and find the souls in a Native American dreamtime akin to our Australian Indigenous narratives. My Art often reflects on how cultures across the world, search for their own meaning and identity by reminiscing about their own dreamtime. My first three series or collections, from 2022 to 2023, shared online here are:

Breaching Souls

The Tribe


I paint lost and found souls and love the way an abstract work can open the doors of perception.

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